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Reflections Copenhagen

Reflections Copenhagen

Danish homeware brand, Reflections Copenhagen, was founded in 2014 after Andrea Larsson discovered an affinity for art and décor. The result is a unique luxury brand, with a collection of handcrafted decorative crystal décor, mirrors, tables and cabinets.


All finely balanced to challenge the traditional styles, colours and shapes of today’s décor by adding new dimensions and possibilities to interior design. The duo take inspiration from the dynamic expression of the Art Deco movement, resulting in a refined homeware offering that fuses exquisite design with a dedication to impeccable craftsmanship.


The innovative shape of each piece is designed to capture and manipulate light, creating an array of captivating shadows. Expect sophisticated yet functional ornaments and home décor, all expertly handmade using time-honoured techniques with a sustainable mindset by contributing high-quality designs that last for generations.


The brand is represented worldwide in selected luxury stores that share the brand’s passion to bring more rebellious glamour into the home.


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