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NEST New York

NEST New York

Welcome to NEST New York. Where mood is elevated & scent is celebrated. Transform the everyday through scents that transport, inspire, and captivate the senses. Let NEST New York scent your world.

Collaborating exclusively with master perfumers who had access to the world’s finest ingredients, NEST New York was launched in 2008 with a collection of expertly crafted candles featuring a proprietary wax formula with one of the highest percentages of fragrance oils in the industry. Today, NEST New York is the leading home fragrance brand in the luxury market.

In 2013, NEST New York launched a highly creative and hugely successful collection of niche Eau de Parfums inspired by 18th century botanical paintings. In 2021, the brand introduced a completely new way to wear fragrance with the launch of their skincare and wellness-inspired Perfume Oil Collection. Each Perfume Oil blends a single hero note ingredient with skin-softening baobab oil for long-lasting scent and luxurious nourishment.


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