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over 30 years of industry experience collectively

a trusted, valued and dependable partner for luxury brands

BENE.luxic is an internationally renowned, multi-brand sales agency, specialising in successfully launching and growing luxury interiors and design brands in new retail markets. With a proven track record of expertise across North America, Europe, the Middle East and China, the BENE.luxic team thoughtfully and consistently deliver an end-to-end bespoke service for clients. Confidence and trust are assured for each and every designer, brand and retail partner, from initial negotiations to final sales.

Whether working on a long term global expansion plan, or on a consultative basis, the team at BENE.luxic guide clients through from initial conversations secured with innovative joint venture partners and distribution agents, to scaling up recruitment, training and ultimately launching new market stores and concessions.

Any new territory apprehension is eased with BENE.luxic taking the extra step in offering marketing and public relations as well. Kristin is at ease with the media-facing part of her role given her regular TV appearances on behalf of clients.

As a full service agency, BENE.luxic have become the trusted, valued and dependable partner for luxury brands.

Headquartered out of London, BENE.luxic founder Kristin Benedetto leads her international team of aesthetes who have over 30 years of industry experience collectively. With a global network of longstanding high-end retail partner relationships, Kristin and her team have the experience, structure and operations in place to launch respected designer brands internationally.

The highest level of customer service is at the heart of every decision taken by her team. Time is dedicated to continually support in-store staff, from refreshing their training to developing their sales techniques, ensuring strong relationships are built for the long-term success of the individual as well as the brand.

As a trusted overseas partner, BENE.luxic adopts all of their brands’ core values when supporting and developing an innovative and creative approach throughout the relationship. As an extension to any designer’s portfolio of collaborative talent, the BENE.luxic team’s global perspective, which has all been garnered from local market experience, ensures that designers can be confident that their company’s objectives are continually surpassed.