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Michael Aram

Michael Aram

Michael Aram is an award-winning American artist who has dedicated his career to craft-based design. A deep love for the handmade process is at the core of everything Michael makes.


Fascinated with the richness of the living crafts tradition, which he discovered on his first trip to Delhi, Michael set up a studio in India where he has created his work for over 30 years. Today, over 200 artisans work alongside him in his workshop, where the same creative interaction between artist and artisan remains the source of every object that Michael makes.


His work reveals a rich and varied source of inspiration; from Butterfly Ginkgo, celebrating the representation of flora as fauna, to Naga, inspired by the diverse and vibrant tribe cultures in Nagaland.


The brand encompasses all elements of the home, from accessories & tableware to furniture & lighting.


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