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Fornasetti Su Misura

Fornasetti Su Misura

Fornasetti was founded in the post- war period by Piero Fornasetti, a free-ranging artist and one of the most original of the twentieth century.A man truly ahead of his time and a significant figure within the broader cultural panorama, Fornasetti managed, through his work, to renew taste and create a unique and immediately recognisable visual language.

His son Barnaba Fornasetti has risen to the challenge of this legacy and over the last thirty years,
with the same visionary and non- conformist spirit, he has guided it into the modern day, nurturing its roots and leading it to international renown.

The custom-made service is aimed at architects, interior designers and design studios working in the field of custom design. It opens up the possibility of designing variants of existing decorations and product designs and, in addition, customising entire spaces to create a fully-fledged decorative project.


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