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Jonathan Hansen

Jonathan Hansen

Jonathan Hansen brings the atmospheric depth of the sky down to earth and onto crystal in his collection, In the Clouds… The pieces exude a material clarity, evoking a boundless space and a fresh, contemplative lightness.

Each piece in the collection is handmade and slightly different – a tactility that can only be felt in the perfection and imperfection of this craft. The lead free crystal vessels are mouth blown and hand engraved… made by master craftsmen of the Bohemian crystal tradition in the Czech Republic. The pieces are available in both clear and dark grey.

“A sky without clouds is a meadow without flowers.” Henry David Thoreau


A contemporary creator with classical foundations, New York-based designer Jonathan Hansen has established his signature through collaborations with some of the leading names of fashion and furniture design. Building on his training in 18th- and 19th-century French, English and American furniture design, Hansen investigates the equilibrium between functionality and abstraction that comes with each interaction between human and object.

Designing and fabricating objects for the past 20 years, he launched his product design firm Jonathan Hansen + Co. in 2010. Hansen has worked with leading global fashion designers and brands including Thom Browne, Lisa Perry, AERIN, Ralph Rucci, The HAAS BROTHERS, Marie Daâge, and L’OBJET.

The Jonathan Hansen x Marie Daâge collections

The Jonathan Hansen x Marie Daâge collections encompass a selection adorned tableware and decorative porcelain pieces, created in collaboration with esteemed French table design brand Marie Daâge, and New York-based designer Jonathan Hansen.

Reflecting European architecture and design history’s influence on Hansen as an unfaltering source of inspiration, the collections find their roots in the hand-painted ornamented ceilings characteristic of Renaissance and Baroque edifices.

Crafted by hand in Limoges, France, by the region’s esteemed craftsmen, the porcelain used for the collection materializes the represented lightness and sense of fragility. Bestowing a modern interpretation to this historical theme, Marie Daâge renders Hansen’s design onto the porcelain through hand-painted brushwork, yielding an atmospheric airiness and fluidity characteristic to her work.

The resulting collection, comprised of a dinnerware set and decorative pieces, imparts both a traditional style and contemporary etiquette.

The first release in the series is Ciels Bleus, which captures the ethereal spirit of dreamy blue sky cloudscapes in Daâge’s signature colours with imaginative artistry.

The newest release is Ciel Nocturne, another sophisticated take on our experience with the skies above us — inspired by the changeful and fluid skies above cityscapes as the day turns to night.


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