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Anissa Kermiche

Anissa Kermiche

A gifted academic at a young age, Anissa studied engineering and computer science, but after three years was struck with an ennui that led her ever-present rebellious temperament to adopt a different approach. She threw herself headfirst into jewellery studies at Central Saint Martins and London’s infamous jewellery district, Hatton Garden. Her bold move paid off and in 2016 culminated in an impressive jewellery launch. Making a mark in the fine jewellery sphere with her eponymous line of designs, ranging from modern day pearls, to beautifully sculpted earrings.

Anissa Kermiche has now branched out and turned her hand to objects. She designed “Love Handles” after not finding anything similar in the interiors market. Following the success of ‘love handles’ Anissa went on to design ‘Jug Jugs’, a humorous playful representation of the female bust.

The collection is praised for its sculptural forms imbued with historical significance and has expanded its offering to include ceramic home furnishings, such as vases. Each piece is thrown and glazed in the founder’s London studio and reflects the two pillars of the label: an interest in classical antiquity and a modern celebration of femininity.


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